History and Current Focus

The Viola School House was built in 1894 where it currently stands today.  The last classes were held here in 1946.  The Viola area is named for Mrs. Violet O. Harding, the wife of an early settler in the locality.  Clear Creek post office was established in this vicinity on October 30, 1867 with Oliver P. Mattoon being the first Postmaster. Grades 1-8 were taught in the one-room building.  The school house was heated by a huge pot-bellied wood stove that had a safety enclosure around it to assure students did not get burned. The wood stove and enclosure are still part of the building today.  Behind the school was a woodshed that was added many years ago and has since been turned into a kitchen and indoor restroom.  The kitchen helps support community club events.  The original outhouse still stands in the back yard.

The picture of President George Washington hanging on the west wall is original to the school.  The picture on the North wall is the Mattoon family who were early settlers in the area.  Their early arrival provided a large land claim and originally owned much of the property in the Viola Valley.  The school bell that once called children to class still remains and can be heard echoing through the valley from time to time during current community events or meetings.

Local residents bought the school house at auction in October 1948 for $200.  The founding members were Esther Weston, Janice Tracy, Bernice Miller, Virginia King, Ray Tracy, Lewis Denny and a few other locals.  After the purchase, the school house became incorporated as the Viola Community Club.  After becoming a club, the old school house was used for square dancing, lunch-box socials, pie auctions, community dinners and Christmas celebrations.  Today the membership is focused on uniting the community and providing a space for local residents to come together for community meetings, free community lectures on pertinent topics, community dinners, etc.  The building is also available for rent at only $300.00 per day, all proceeds going towards the maintenance and preservation of the building.

The Viola Community Club board is currently under staffed. We have openings for a President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Contact Ben Jansen if you are interested in helping lead VCC for its next chapter.